Indian origin scholars reap leadership rewards

It was a wave of sorts and SP Kothari was part of it. The year was 1982, and Kothari, armed with a degree in chemical engineering from BITS Pilani and a management degree from IIM-Ahmedabad, felt the West calling, write Kala Vijayaraghavan and Rica Bhattacharyya for The Economic Times.

Kothari did what many other bright and brilliant Indians were doing at the time for such a passage. "In the '70s, ‘80s and much of the ‘90s, the only way to emigrate to the United States was higher education," he says. "Many of these students, without even knowing a whole lot about academic careers, joined PhD programmes in the US – these programmes paid full scholarship."

A generation or two later, after achieving academic brilliance, after establishing professorial presence, after operating on the vanguard of research, that Indian wave is reaping another kind of return in the past few years: leadership at the best international universities.
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