Nuclear deal opens doors for Iranian students

Among the beneficiaries of the interim nuclear agreement with Iran that went into effect recently are Iranian students abroad and the Western educational institutions which are already seeing rising interest from Iran, reports Voice of America.

A senior Barack Obama administration official told reporters: “We’ve committed that up to US$400 million of Iran’s own money can be directed through a financial cannel that we will agree on to universities and colleges outside Iran where Iranian students are studying.” This decision to set up a clear path for tuition and associated payments will come as a huge relief to Iranians who have struggled to establish accounts in US banks and to find a way to legally transfer funds from Iran.

While much attention has focused on technical matters, the mere fact of the interim agreement is a major milestone and potential tipping point in Iran’s fraught relations with the United States. Lessening tensions also sends a signal to young Iranians that they will be welcome in US colleges and universities and promotes intercultural understanding crucial to easing the 35-year estrangement between the two countries.
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