Most college heads dubious of Obama plan

Most college presidents doubt that President Barack Obama's plan to promote affordable higher education will be effective, or that it will lead students to make better informed choices. Further, they expect that the wealthiest colleges and universities will be most successful in the ratings system Obama has proposed, writes Scott Jaschik for Inside Higher Ed.

Those are the findings of a poll by Gallup and Inside Higher Ed of American college and university presidents, which attracted responses from 675 of them. Gallup has a 95% confidence level that the margin of error is plus-minus 3.8% points. The presidents were given complete anonymity so they could answer without regard to the politics of opposing a plan that has become a top priority for the Obama administration.

The plan – proposed in August – would, among other things, create a new rating system for colleges in which they would be evaluated based on various outcomes. Then the plan would link student aid to these ratings.
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