Universities blast reform delays

The Danish government’s decision to postpone implementing university reform aimed at pushing students through studies faster has come under fire from the universities. According to the University of Copenhagen and the Technical University of Denmark, the delay will have no effect, writes Christian Wenande for The Copenhagen Post.

“The negotiations have in reality not been re-initiated. The current students have been given some breathing space, but the new students and the universities have not,” Lykke Friis, KU's protector for education, told Politiken newspaper. “The financial framework of the reform has not been postponed by a year so the problems have only been pushed ahead to future students and university administration.”

The reform, which resulted in mass student demonstrations last month and which universities themselves oppose, seeks to set minimum requirements for the number of courses students must be enrolled in each year. The reform is expected to reduce the average time students spend in university by 4.3 months by 2020.
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