University staff block entrance to four institutions

University administrators protesting against their induction into a labour mobility scheme that will see them either transferring to other services or losing their jobs, blocked entrances to the University of Athens, National Technical University of Athens or NTUA, Athens Law School and Athens Medical School last Tuesday, reports

Staff at Athens University and the NTUA entered the 11th week of strikes last Monday after refusing to respond to calls from the Education Ministry for them to get back to work so that some 55,000 students do not miss the first semester of the academic year. Late on Monday, Education Minister Constantinos Arvanitopoulos issued a terse statement saying that unless staff ended the strike they faced legal action. "The Ministry of Education will again take recourse to justice in order to ensure the implementation of the law, and it calls on professors and students to come to class," Arvanitopoulos said.

The situation was particularly tense at Athens University last Monday night after all members of the senate resigned, protesting against the prospect of police entering the faculty grounds and the publication of the names of administrative staff who have been inducted into a mobility scheme of transfers and layoffs.
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