Study accuses universities of promoting white privilege

US colleges and universities are guilty of promoting “white racial privilege”, according to a report produced by Georgetown University and funded, in part, by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, writes Timothy Dionisopoulos for Campus Reform.

The report, called Separate and Unequal: How higher education reinforces the intergenerational reproduction of white racial privilege, was released by Georgetown late last month and explains that higher education is a “passive agent” in promoting racial inequality.

“The higher education system is colour blind – in theory – but in fact operates, at least in part, as a systematic barrier to opportunity for many African-Americans and Hispanics, many of whom are college-qualified but tracked into overcrowded and underfunded colleges where they are less likely to develop fully or to graduate,” said Anthony Carnevale, co-author of the report.
Full report on the Campus Reform site