Chinese dissident finds new academic home after NYU

Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng is set to join the conservative Witherspoon Institute in New Jersey following his departure from New York University, which he says forced him to leave because of pressure from the Chinese government, writes Stoyan Zaimov for The Christian Post.

"We are taking the responsibility for the financial side and a home really where he can do his work," Witherspoon President Luis Tellez said in a phone interview, according to Reuters.
"We're not asking him to do anything specific," he added. "The main point is he's a truth teller, he tries to tell the truth as he sees it."

Chen, the blind human rights activist who has spoken out strongly against China's one-child policy and the government's practices of forced sterilisations and abortions, spent four years in jail and another 19 months under house arrest before Christians and other activists helped him escape to the US Embassy in Beijing. In May 2012 he was granted a US visa along with his wife and two children, following notable international interest.
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