Universities seek new ways to rank themselves

He may be the leader of the free world, but when President Barack Obama proposed that the government grade universities based on their cost and success rates, a lot of other people were ahead of him, writes Jon Marcus for The Hechinger Report.

At a time when students and their families are demanding to know what they’re getting for their mounting investments in higher education, several foundations and research centres are already working on new ways to show them. Even some universities and colleges themselves – reasoning that it’s better to come up with their own ratings than have them imposed by someone else – are quietly working on new ways to gauge what graduates learn and earn, though many remain reluctant so far to make the results public.

“One thing everyone seems to agree on is that we should have a good way for people to choose where to go to college,” said Zakiya Smith, strategy director at the Lumina Foundation, which is offering $10,000 in a crowd-sourced competition to come up with the best way to make a US Department of Education website called the College Scorecard more user friendly.
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