Xenophobic Britain deters foreign students – Vice-chancellor

A culture of hostility towards international students has been allowed to build up as a result of the Coalition government’s drive to cut levels of net migration, it has been claimed. One university leader suggested that Britain had a “xenophobic population”, writes Graeme Paton for The Telegraph.

The comments followed a government pledge to cut net migration – the difference between the number of people emigrating and the number of new arrivals – to the “tens of thousands” by 2015. Speaking at the Universities UK annual conference Quintin McKellar, vice-chancellor of Hertfordshire University, raised the issue of immigration with Vince Cable, the Business Secretary. He said: “We do have an issue not just within universities but in the whole of the United Kingdom in terms of having essentially quite a xenophobic population.”

Recent figures showed that levels had risen at the end of last year, with net migration standing at 176,000 in the 12 months to the end of December – an increase of 23,000 compared with data published three months earlier. Universities fear the pledge can only be met by targeting legitimate foreign students who are currently included in the data.
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