University enrolment rate lags behind region

Executive Secretary for the Inter-University Council for East Africa Professor Mayunga Nkunya has said that Tanzania is lagging behind in university enrolment rates compared to other East African countries, writes Queenter Mawinda for IPP Media.

With Tanzania aiming to reach a target of 300,000 students in its universities by 2015, Minister for Education and Vocational Training Dr Shukuru Kawambwa told parliament that a total of 65,000 students were being enrolled in local universities this year.

The number is well below those admitted to universities in other East African countries, Nkunya noted. For instance, in Kenya the Economic Survey 2010 reported a total of 143,000 students in public universities in 2009, up from 101,000 in 2008. These statistics are for public universities only, in Kenya – while the Tanzanian target includes both private and public universities.
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