Academics Tarek Loubani, John Greyson jailed in Egypt

Canadian filmmaker and associate professor at York University John Greyson, and ER physician and academic Dr Tarek Loubani remain jailed in an Eygptian prison where they have been held since being arrested on 16 August. They have yet to be charged, writes Tara-Michelle Ziniuk for Toronto Media Co-op.

Both were en route to Gaza to work on projects in their respective fields – Greyson's research for a film, and Loubani's academic collaboration, which involved training local physicians in life support.

Since mid-August supporters have rallied to gain information on Loubani and Greyson's whereabouts, legal situation and wellbeing.
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The arrest and continuing detention of two Canadian professors in Egypt has generated an outcry from universities and scholars, as unrest in Cairo contributes to worries about their fate, writes Karen Birchard for The Chronicle of Higher Education.
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