Spanish universities launch 'adopt a student' scheme

Universities in Spain are considering a move to set up charitable funds so that individuals can sponsor the studies of those from low-income families, writes Fiona Govan for The Telegraph.

“In the same way that one might sponsor-a-child [in the developing world] individuals could sponsor a student in Spain by contributing to their tuition fees," explained Adelaida de la Calle, a dean of Malaga University and chair of the Association of Spanish University Deans.

The emergency measure is being considered after figures showed that some 30,000 students are on the verge of abandoning their studies at the start of the academic year because they can't meet tuition or living costs. Access to state sponsorships have been restricted, leaving students from low-income families struggling to fund further education at a time when youth unemployment in Spain has soared to a record 56%.
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