Rising fees keep some students on the edge

A freeze in fees and discounts for low-income families are the only hope for students in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) who find the cost of university education beyond their reach, writes Sara Sabry for Gulf News.

As tuition fees at UAE higher education institutions spike each year, students find it increasingly challenging to keep up with fees and other costs. Students at the American University of Sharjah have complained about high tuition fees and said university administrators should make every effort to keep student costs to a minimum and widen grants or aid schemes linking student fees to family income.

Due to a barrage of complaints from students Abu Dhabi University, or ADU, has frozen its fees this year. A senior staff member said the freeze applied to the 2013-14 academic year. “ADU believes in maintaining a balance between world-class education facilities and applied research on one hand, and on the other hand ensuring that academic ability and ambition are the main determinants to enrolment,” said Dr Nabeel Ebrahim, the chancellor. Deserving students are also given discounts.
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