Students to protest against tuition fee increases

Student representatives of the Mongolian University of Science and Technology, or MUST, led by student union president B Myagmardorj, announced at a press conference last week that they would demonstrate outside the university’s administration offices against an unjustified increase in tuition fees, writes B Khash-Erdene for The UB Post.

“In this academic term, tuition fees increased by 13.9% and the annual rent for student dormitories increased by 70% to 150%. But students study in lecture halls with rainwater dripping through the roof, and they are equipped with laboratories and instruments only to be heard of and looked at, but never to be held and used, like museum pieces. Students live in dorm rooms covered in mould and dust, that are so freezing cold in the winter that students have to wear coats at all times. The only change we see and feel at the university is the heavy burden of an increased tuition fee,” said Myagmardorj.

MUST is a well-respected state institution and one of the largest centres for scientific and cultural exchange in Mongolia.
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