Foreign university policy finalised

The Education Ministry has finalised a draft policy to allow foreign universities to open branches, enter joint ventures with local counterparts or operate study centres in Bangladesh, writes Mushfique Wadud for Dhaka Tribune.

Officials say the policy was drawn up based on interest expressed by a number of foreign universities and their branches, considering the growing number of higher education aspirants in the country. However, academics and private university stakeholders have expressed fear that the policy, which is currently under the Law Ministry’s vetting, would create discrimination between the foreign and local universities and would allow substandard universities from abroad to flood Bangladesh’s education arena.

The enactment of the Private University Act in 1992 allowed private ventures to open higher education facilities in the country. Currently, there are 70 private universities that are catering to the demand of 300,000 students. The final amended version of the law of 2010 banned operation and conferring of degrees by foreign universities. It also required branches operating to conform to government-formulated guidelines.
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