Unemployed graduates demonstrate for jobs

Unemployed graduates have been demonstrating in the Senegalese capital Dakar against the government’s failure to provide them with jobs.

At the demonstrations, which were organised by RDSES – a group representing unemployed Senegalese graduates – protesters condemned the “government’s bad employment policy”, reported Le Soleil.

On 21 August, in Dakar’s Place de l’Obélisque, the demonstrators told assembled politicians and members of human rights and civil society organisations that they were simply “claiming our due, because it’s unacceptable that after financing our studies the state is unable to create the necessary conditions for our employment”, reported Le Soleil.

They were awaiting publication of the final public service audit report, which would identify and abolish bogus posts in the system, leading to new recruitment, which would reduce the high level of youth unemployment, reported SudOnline.

“We have recorded in the manifesto we have just published that there are many opportunities for creating employment – and unfortunately our rulers lack political will,” Babacar Ndour, president of RDSES, told SudOnline.

“The president [Macky Sall] has made many promises, notably for 500,000 jobs, 300,000 jobs, and 5,500 in the public services and FCFA17 billion (US$34.6 million) to fund youth projects. Nothing has yet been done. There is no vision.”

RDSES said it was deeply shocked by inexplicable police behaviour aimed at preventing its supporters carrying out an awareness campaign. Two days before the demonstration three members of the group had been arrested and held for three hours for questioning, reported SudOnline.

“That was done to intimidate us. It’s not acceptable. We’ll be in the front line as long as the situation continues,” said Ndour.

* This article is drawn from local media. University World News cannot vouch for the accuracy of the original reports.