Spain dominates Erasmus student exchange flows

Of the 252,827 students exchanged under the Erasmus programme during 2011-12, around 75,000 – 30% – moved between 100 sending or receiving universities. Spain dominated the list, with 31 institutions in the top 100 for both sending and receiving students.

The University of Granada was the top sending and top receiving university, sending 2,101 of its students abroad under Erasmus and receiving 2,052 Erasmus students.

Among the top 100 receiving institutions, only four were in the United Kingdom and only one – the University of Nottingham – was in the top 100 for sending universities.

Altogether 3,328 higher education institutions in 33 countries – the EU27 plus Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey – participated in 2011-12, while 4,452 higher education institutions were eligible, holding an Erasmus University Charter.

By the current academic year, three million students had participated in the Erasmus programme since it was launched in 1987, with a 9% increase in participating students compared with the previous year.

Spain is the main participating country, sending out 39,545 students and receiving 39,300 during 2011-12. The other major countries were Germany, France, Italy and Poland as major sending countries, and France, Germany, the UK and Italy as major receivers.

Out of the top 10 receiving universities, six were Spanish: Granada, Sevilla, Complutense Madrid, Valencia, Polytechnic University of Valencia and Slamanca. Each sent more than 1,100 students. Other major receiving universities were: Bologna (1,693), Aarhus (1,532), Chales University in Prague (1,137) and La Sapienza in Rome (1,107).

Out of the 10 major sending universities, five were Spanish: Granada, Complutense Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia and Polytechnic University of Valencia. Each sent more than 1,450 students.

Other major sending universities were: Bologna (1,713), Warszawa (1,349), La Sapienza (1,213), Padova (1,195) and Ljubljana (1,188).

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