New university majors to focus on job prospects

Chinese high school graduates who completed university entrance exams 10 days ago are now faced with solving another question – which university majors offer the best job prospects? writes Wang Wen for China Daily.

According to MyCOS HR Digital Information Co Ltd, a human resources consulting company in Beijing whose name is short for My China Occupational Skills, this year's majors with the highest job prospects and earning potential are geological engineering, naval architecture and ocean engineering, petroleum engineering, mining engineering and auditing. Those with the lowest include animation, law, biotechnology, mathematics and applied mathematics, physical education, bioengineering and English.

University entrance examinees had some new options this year, as the Ministry of Education allowed six universities to open seven new majors for undergraduate students, and four will recruit students from the coming semester: biomedicine, rehabilitation education, aquatic animal medicine, and ceramic art design. The universities said they researched employment prospects before opening the new majors.
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