China’s ‘incredible influence’ on US higher education

A source close to blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng has hit back at an article in the New York Post, describing it as a "hatchet job" on embattled New York University (NYU) President John Sexton, whom the source also described as a "hero" for the role he played in accepting Chen in the first place, writes Adam Taylor for Business Insider.

The article suggests that NYU was "booting" Chen from the university after pressure from the Chinese government. The paper speculates that NYU's plans for a Shanghai campus were behind the decision. Chen, a political dissident who spent years under house arrest in China, became a fellow at the university after escaping from his homeland with the help of Hillary Clinton in May 2012.

The source, who asked to remain anonymous, told Business Insider that Chen's plight reveals one thing – the incredible influence of the Chinese government in US education.
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