Despite constraints, universities boost economy

Universities in Wales continue to “punch above their weight” in their contribution to the economy, new research has found. The 12th annual Higher Education-Business and Community Interaction survey shows how universities are defying financial constraints to develop their expertise and facilities, writes Gareth Evans for Wales Online.

The nation’s higher education sector was also praised for relaying the knowledge it generates to businesses and the wider community. The survey found that Welsh universities continue to reach beyond their UK weighting of roughly 5% in several areas of activity – and have improved their overall share in others.

In 2011-12, Wales performed above its UK weighting in areas such as collaborative research (7.5%), regeneration income and development programmes (18.9%) and granted software licences (5.2%). Active university spinout and staff start-up companies that have survived at least three years (21.7%) and those launched by graduates (11.3%) were also highlighted.
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