Authorities ban range of topics at universities

In an apparent sign of declining confidence in one-party rule by the Communist Party, Chinese authorities recently banned the discussion of political reform and human rights topics in classes at universities in major cities, writes Nozomu Hayashi for The Asahi Shimbun.

It was only late last year that the Chinese Communist Party expressed confidence that the rapid economic growth in the nation was evidence that the party had charted a correct policy course. However, the sudden clamping down on the discussion of sensitive topics at universities may be a sign that authorities continue to be concerned about party domination, which could lead to public unrest.

The topics that were banned from discussions were universal values, such as human rights; freedom of the press; political and other rights for citizens; civil society, in which citizens become aware of their rights and obligations; historical mistakes by the Communist Party, such as the Cultural Revolution; bureaucrats and others who grow rich through their monopoly of vested interests; and judicial independence.
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