Fewer Hong Kong teens expect to complete university

Less than half of 15-year-olds in Hong Kong expect to complete a university education, compared with more than 80% of their peers in South Korea, a study has shown. The city also trails rival Singapore, where more than seven in 10 youngsters expect to graduate, writes Ada Lee for South China Morning Post.

The figures raise questions about the quality of Hong Kong's workforce in an increasingly knowledge-based environment. Academics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong will use the figures, compiled in 2009 from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), to keep track of how pupils progress under the new secondary school curriculum and how their career choices are affected.

The study found that 47.2% of Hong Kong pupils thought they would finish a university education, compared with 80.9% in South Korea and 70.1% in Singapore. Only 18% of students in the city currently gain admission to publicly funded universities, compared with more than 80% in South Korea.
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