Egyptian court supports universities’ independence

In a decision viewed as supporting the need for Egyptian universities to be free of government interference, the Alexandria administrative court has blocked an effort by the Ministry of Education to force twice-a-year evaluations of university staff, writes Mohamed Mahmoud for Al Fanar.

“The minister’s decision is a flagrant violation of universities' independence,” said Mohammed al-Khafaji, the judge who issued the decision. Although the case only affects the University of Alexandria, it sets a precedent that will encourage similar lawsuits on behalf of professors at other public universities.

In July 2012, President Mohamed Morsi issued a decree increasing the pay of faculty members at public universities. The new increase was conditional on faculty members working a full day, four days a week. But earlier this year, the Supreme Council of Universities ordered faculty members to submit biannual self-evaluations to the Ministry of Higher Education. The faculty members disagreed with the minister’s decision and filed a lawsuit against him.
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