Court overturns minister’s staff evaluation bid

The Alexandria Administrative Court last week overturned Minister of Higher Education Mustafa Mosaad’s decision enforcing biannual evaluations of academics and linking evaluations to faculty members’ benefits, writes Rana Muhammad Taha for Daily News Egypt.

A group of faculty members from Alexandria University, coupled with the faculty members’ club, filed the lawsuit. Omar Sebakhy, the head of the faculty members’ club, said that the minister’s decision had been annulled. “The decision violated the law and universities’ independence,” Sebakhy said. “We approached the minister with this issue, but he refused to take the decision back. We could only resort to taking the issue to court.”

Hany Al-Hosseini, a 9 March movement member, said that the minister had no authority over the universities to enforce evaluations. “The court’s verdict explained, in detail, universities’ independence,” Al-Hosseini said. Article 59 of the new constitution states that universities, scientific and linguistic complexes and scientific research centres are independent institutions.
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