High-speed data network boosts tertiary education

A new high-capacity fibre optics research and education network will connect colleges and universities in 21 countries in the Caribbean, writes Avia Collinder for The Gleaner.

Wholly owned by the Caribbean Knowledge and Learning Network (CKNET), an agency within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) financed by the 21 member countries the network will serve, the programme will operate under the brand name C@ribnet.

Regional telecoms company LIME was paid US$7 million to build the network under contract from CKNET, said network CEO Ken Sylvester.

The project creates the region's first research and education network, connecting all CARICOM member states, among others. Sylvester acknowledged that the CARICOM region was the last in the world to develop national research and education networks facilitated by a high-speed data network and dedicated fibre optics connections, but said now that the system has gone live, it should bring down the cost of tertiary education significantly given that centres of excellence will now be accessible to all on the network.
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