Oxford students' union rejects boycott of Israel

Students at Oxford University have overwhelmingly rejected a boycott of Israel. The Oxford University Students Council voted last Wednesday with 69 votes against, 10 for and 15 abstentions. They also rejected advocating for a boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against the country in the National Union of Students, reports Huffington Post.

The issue was initially debated on 13 February, but a vote was put back until Wednesday evening to allow the various colleges' individual 'common rooms' to consider the issues of a boycott in detail. The motion proposed by a student at Wadham College read: "We [the OUSU and the NUS] have a moral responsibility to fight injustice.” It demanded that Israel “end its occupation of all Arab lands”.

A Wolfson College student who had originally seconded the motion, pulled out “after reflecting on the issue and not being comfortable with it”. Both the proposer and the seconder of the motion have received threatening emails, according to the Guardian.
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