Incentives introduced for international publication

Scientists in Kenya whose work is published in internationally recognised journals are to be financially rewarded by the National Council for Science and Technology. The awards of up to US$200 are aimed at encouraging researchers to contribute to the global body of knowledge.

In a recent public notice, the council stated that offering an incentive to scientists to publish their work in peer reviewed journals could also promote communication between the scientific community and its audience comprising consumers of science, technology and innovation products.

“Publishing research results is one of the fundamental ways of disseminating scientific work to enhance uptake and adoption,” said the notice.

The awards are targeted at scholars in public and private universities, research institutes and the NGO sector. Only peer reviewed journal articles are eligible for rewards. Book chapters, editorials, brief communications and editor’s notes are not eligible.

Those eligible must claim the awards within three months of their work being published and must be Kenyan citizens. The awards will be considered on quarterly basis.

Kenya contributed only 6.6% of all published scientific work coming out of Sub-Saharan Africa in 2010, coming third after South Africa and Nigeria, according to UNESCO figures.

The National Council for Science and Technology, established in 1977, is charged with promoting, coordinating and advising the government on all maters relating to science.

It recently set out to create a database of all professionals and experts in the ST&I sector in Kenya, with the aim being to provide quick and convenient information about practitioners, prospective collaborators and funding agencies and to link them to funding agencies.