Ariel University is here to stay – Education minister

Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar on Wednesday lauded Israel’s recent recognition of the Ariel college as a full-fledged university and said the newly upgraded institution was set to become a major part of Israel’s academic infrastructure, writes Michal Shmulovich for The Times of Israel.

Speaking at Ariel University’s inaugural event, he praised Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his leadership in establishing the university and said the move would boost higher education outside Israel’s population centres and increase competition and knowledge.

Conferral of university status to the Ariel college was the subject of fierce domestic debate, and prompted international criticism. Last month it became the first Israeli institution located in the West Bank accorded such standing.

Sa’ar called on Israel’s other universities – which vehemently opposed the move to make the Ariel University Center a full-fledged university – to “rise above pettiness” and “hug their newborn little sister”. He urged them to withdraw a petition to the Supreme Court against the upgrade.
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