Act amendment brings vice-chancellors under scrutiny

The Punjab government has amended the Punjab Universities Act to bring vice-chancellors under scrutiny after identifying misuse of powers under the guise of emergency powers, writes Mansoor Malik for

On occasions, the Punjab government reports, vice-chancellors have been found assuming powers of the chancellor — the Punjab governor. The Punjab government has withdrawn the powers of vice-chancellors to create and fill temporary posts for a period of six months. It also bound vice-chancellors to report actions taken while using emergency powers within a week and to get the actions ratified within 45 days.

The Punjab government has reported that almost all vice-chancellors had appointed top officials in universities, including registrars, treasurers and controllers of examinations, by giving an additional charge to their favourite faculty members. Vice-chancellors have also been found blatantly violating the chancellor’s powers of settling terms and conditions of all posts in universities.
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