Leadership university rises for Asian women

Veterans of the Asian University for Women in Bangladesh have laid the foundations for another Asian women’s university, to focus on leadership, which is expected to open in Malaysia in 2015, writes Kelly Wetherille for The New York Times.

When the Asian University for Women (AUW) in Bangladesh opened in 2008, it set in motion the idea that the region would benefit from a high-profile university dedicated to young women.

The concept of an Asian Women’s Leadership University as a private non-profit institution was conceived in 2010 by Barbara Hou, who had previously served as legal counsel and director of admissions at AUW in Bangladesh.

“I learned a lot from that experience about the desire for this type of institution in the region,” Hou said of her time at the AUW. “And many of us realised that if we could expand the idea of a women’s liberal arts college beyond Bangladesh, and make it pan-Asian and located in a more developed but affordable country – well, we thought that’d be pretty awesome.”

She enlisted six like-minded individuals to form a board of founding members for the Malaysia project.
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