New joint US-China college aims to tackle brain drain

Shanghai New York University, the first institution of higher education jointly established by China and the United States, was officially founded last Monday. Experts say the venture will be a melting pot for cultivating innovative talent and will help China tackle its brain drain, write Wang Hongyi and Cheng Yingqi for China Daily.

NYU Shanghai, based in the Lujiazui financial area, was established by New York University and Shanghai's East China Normal University. The first Sino-US college operating as an independent legal entity, NYU Shanghai is expected to welcome its first 300 students next year from across the world. There will be 151 places for Chinese students. About 40% of the faculty will be recruited globally, while the student-to-faculty ratio will be 8:1, half the average in Chinese universities, Yu said.

The founding of Shanghai NYU has drawn global attention. It may herald an era of more international students coming to China and may offer greater choice for domestic students.

According to a report in September by the Social Sciences Academy Press, about 340,000 Chinese students went abroad for further study in 2011.
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