‘Polytechnic university’ – A new vision for education

The University of Canberra is going national, partnering with the fifth biggest TAFE (technical and further education) provider in Australia – Holmesglen Institute of TAFE in Victoria – to become the University of Canberra Melbourne next year, writes Emma Macdonald for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Vice-chancellor Stephen Parker announced the partnership, which will also take the University of Canberra (UCM) brand to Queensland through an agreement with Brisbane's Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE.

From 2013, Canberra will co-locate with Holmesglen in the first arrangement of its kind in Australia, forming a University of Canberra Melbourne campus in Chadstone. It will offer 11 degrees across business, commerce, justice, IT, sport management and design. Melbourne students will be able to enrol directly into UCM degrees, or transition from Holmesglen degrees or diplomas. ''Really, this is about the reinvention of the University of Canberra,'' Professor Parker said.
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