Universities tap into gas and oil

A young man wearing a yellow hard cap grins as he stands proudly in front of an offshore drilling platform. Emblazoned on the front are the words, “Master’s in Business Administration – Concentration: Oil, gas and energy management”, writes Poly Pantelides for Cyprus Mail.

And then your car zooms past the billboard ad for a course available at the University of Nicosia, which is aiming to cater for interest in such courses sparked by the discovery of substantial natural gas reserves south of Cyprus this year

In addition to the University of Nicosia’s MBA, Frederick University is offering a new MSc in oil and gas and offshore engineering whose self-proclaimed aim is to anticipate the brave new world of oil and gas that Cyprus will soon be part of. Or as the programme coordinators put it: the aim is to “integrate and adapt the internationally existing expert knowledge to the needs of the petroleum industry to be developed soon in Cyprus”. The University of Cyprus is due next week to approve a masters in petroleum engineering starting in September 2013. Interest in practical, lower-level gas- and oil-related qualifications is also on the rise.
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