System to help higher education respond to skills needs

South Africa’s Department of Higher Education and Training has launched a new Labour Market Intelligence System at an initial cost of R75 million (US$9 million). It says this is a groundbreaking research project that will enable the government and the private sector to make better decisions in matching skills demand to supply in the country, writes Farzana Rasool for ITWeb.

“Through this initiative, South Africa will now have a labour market intelligence system that will empower students and work-seekers to make better informed education and skills decisions, which in turn will make them more attractive to employers and the economy in general,” the department said.

The system was developed in conjunction with the Human Sciences Research Council.

Higher Education and Training Minister Blade Nzimande said at the launch that this is a long overdue initiative. Through the system “our higher education and training institutions will also be able to respond more effectively to shifting labour market demand signals".
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