Two universities hit by Anonymous cyber attack

Oxford University confirmed last Thursday that its online security had been compromised earlier in the day by a cyber attack. The group claiming responsibility said it is associated with Anonymous. The attack came a day after the disruption of Cambridge University's network, writes Ben Weitzenkorn for Security News Daily.

Oxford said hackers gained access to a server owned by the physics department and that "a file or two were read", one of which contained a password to a database of already published research, TechWeekEurope reported. Oxford officials acknowledged that the attack was a sign that they need to bolster their network security.

The same attacker compromised the website of a member of Parliament, Peter Hain. The moves are thought to be a part of #OpFreeAssange. Anonymous operatives hacked Cambridge University's network and several British government sites last week in an effort to persuade the government to let WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange leave the country unhampered.
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