University heads ask court to overturn Ariel status

The presidents of Israel’s universities and one of its larger colleges last Monday petitioned the High Court of Justice to overturn a decision granting Ariel University Center official status as a university, writes Yonah Jeremy Bob for The Jerusalem Post.

The petitioners argued that the decision was unreasonable according to any relevant criteria and had been made by the Council for Higher Education in Judea and Samaria, a body with no jurisdiction in the matter.

The move contradicted the position of the Council of Higher Education of Israel. Ariel University Center remains without official university status. Since Ariel is in the West Bank, which is under defence force authority, the signature of OC Central Command Major-General Nitzan Alon is required. However, Alon can sign only after receiving instructions from Defence Minister Ehud Barak, and the latter has yet to issue any directives in the matter.
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