Quebec student activists hope for reinforcements

The more hardcore Quebec student activists say they will receive help from outside the province as they form picket lines to block the return to colleges and universities, reports The Canadian Press. They say that where student assemblies vote to remain on strike, they plan to enforce those votes outside classrooms as they start to reopen next week.

Meanwhile, the best-known face of the student movement has resigned. Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, a spokesman for the militant CLASSE group and who is now a household name in Quebec, said he was tired of being demonised as a quasi-terrorist. In a letter announcing his departure, an angry Nadeau-Dubois accused the Liberal government of tarnishing his reputation.

While a third of the province’s post-secondary students have been on strike, the number is dropping following votes at assemblies leading up to the scheduled resumption of the long-suspended spring semester. Classes at some institutions begin next week. The results of the votes have been mixed – with some assemblies voting to return to school and others wanting to continue their strikes.
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