Regulators in spat over non-medical PhD teachers

The issue of whether non-medical PhD degree holders should be hired for teaching basic medical sciences subjects at public medical institutions in Pakistan has become a tug-of-war between the country’s two top regulatory bodies, writes Asif Choudary for Dawn.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) had floated the idea of hiring non-medical PhD teachers in basic medical sciences to cover the countrywide dearth of PhDs with a MBBS background. But the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council turned down the suggestion on the grounds that such professionals were irrelevant to the medical field.

The HEC, which had taken up the issue at several forums in the past, also recently constituted the National Committee on Medical Education, headed by former University of Health Sciences vice-chancellor and HEC senior fellow Professor Malik Hussain Mubashar, to resolve the issue. “There are hardly 12 MBBS PhD scholars all over the country and a majority of them are about to reach superannuation,” Mubashar told Dawn.
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