University teaches market economics

A Korea-born American who heads Pyongyang's only private university is trying to teach students in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea about market economies, writes Park Ju-Min for China Daily.

The Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, co-founded by Park Chan-mo, is teaching dozens of North Korean citizens about modern market economies, something the state has managed for decades to avoid. “I want whatever they learn to be used to revive their country's economy,” Park said in an interview. “We emphasise practicality and commercialisation of their knowledge,” said the 77-year-old computer scientist, who used to be president of a university in South Korea.

The Pyongyang University of Science and Technology was started at the turn of the century, when relations between the two Koreas were starting to warm after decades of a bitter divide. The students are handpicked from those who have studied at least two years at the country's top state colleges.
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