Eurozone crisis forces students to Britain – Report

Rising numbers of students from crisis-hit European countries are flocking to British universities to flee economic chaos at home, with figures suggesting that demand for courses abroad has soared by more than 150% among students from Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal, writes Graeme Paton for The Telegraph.

Britain is the most popular destination for young people educated in southern European countries, which have been hardest hit by the sovereign-debt crisis dogging the eurozone.
The rise will drive concerns that British students may face added competition in the race for degree courses at top universities this summer.

Undergraduates from other European Union (EU) countries are eligible for the same government-backed loans as British students and count towards strict limits on the numbers of places available at each institution. The disclosure is revealed in a report by Study Portals, an EU-funded website set up to help young people apply to university courses elsewhere on the continent.
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