University sues Apple for Siri patent infringement

A Taiwanese university has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple, claiming that its Siri software infringes on two of the university’s patents, writes Salvador Rodriquez for the Los Angeles Times.

The National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) claims that Siri infringes on one patent for a speech recognition system and another for a method and system that match speech data.

"As a result of Apple's infringement...NCKU has suffered monetary damages in an amount not yet determined, and will continue to suffer damages in the future unless Apple's infringing activities are enjoined by this court," the university says, according to PCMag.

The university is seeking a permanent injunction against Apple, along with costs and damages. It says it filed in 2005 for the speech-data matching patent, which it received in 2010, and the speech-recognition patent in 2002, which it received in 2007.
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