Call for region to join forces for better education

Thailand is working to join hands with more of its neighbours in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to drive the region's educational improvement – starting with research sharing – according to a top education official, writes Wannapa Khaopa for The Nation-Asia News Network.

“Thailand and Malaysia will probably invite other countries, like Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore to provide collaboration in education [matters]," Anek Permvongseni, secretary-general of the Office of the Education Council, said at the Fourth Thailand Malaysia joint educational research conference.

"In the future, we may work together to jointly create educational curricula or share instructional media to learn English and studying of maths. So, when students look to further higher education, Malaysian students can study a programme in English in Thailand under the co-created curricula," he said, adding that teaching and learning using technology for the future was also an issue of interest to the region.
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