Rivalries set aside as colleges pool talent

Three colleges are pooling their strengths to become a new force in higher education, writes Katherine Donnelly for the Independent. A collaboration between Dublin City University, NUI Maynooth and Royal College of Surgeons Ireland will be known as the 3U Partnership.

Each college will keep its own identity but the forging of formal links is aimed at allowing them to achieve more together than they do separately – at a time of scarce funding resources. The collaboration will stretch across all areas of college activity, with a focus on enhancing the student experience, producing better research outcomes and creating a new marketing brand for international student recruitment.

Launching the 3U Partnership, Taoiseach Enda Kenny said such initiatives would allow Ireland to compete on the global stage. As a start, the colleges have set up the 3U Biomedical Research Institute to harness the talents of a combined pool of over 750 researchers.
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