Stricter controls on agents selling foreign studies

Parliament in Mauritius has voted in stricter controls on agents who recruit students to study abroad, as a measure to protect students from abuse.

About 30 recruiters were operating illegally without the authorities being able to take action against them, MP Steve Obeegadoo said during a parliamentary debate on amendments to the Licensing of Recruiting Agents for Overseas Educational and Training Institutions Bill, reported L’

Minister for Higher Education Rajesh Jeetah recognised that the law did not allow his ministry or the police to punish abusive salespeople.

“Even the definition of recruiting agents is not firm enough. There are unscrupulous agents who have tried to evade the laws. This has caused much harm to some students,” he said.

New legal measures would be taken to ensure Mauritian students were guided towards reliable and recognised institutions without being swindled by agents.

In addition, anyone acting abroad as a recruiter would also be regulated before having the right to advise Mauritian students who wished to study in the country where they were operating, reported L’Express.

At present only 18 recruiting agents are recognised by the higher education ministry. For those wanting to apply for registration, it was compulsory to have proof that the recruiting agency or agent was recognised by the university they claimed to represent, L’Express added.

* This article is drawn from local media. University World News cannot vouch for the accuracy of the original report.