Inspection reveals misconduct in joint programmes

A recent inspection in Vietnam revealed misconduct in joint programmes between Hanoi National University and its foreign counterparts between 2006 and 2010, reports Vietnam Net. Up to 16 out of 20 programmes lacked project details required or did not have the documents to confirm their legal status, and graduates may lose their degrees.

The bachelor degree programme between the Centre for Educational Technology and Career Development (ETC) at Hanoi National University, and Griggs University, required a minimum university admission score from the Ministry of Education and Training. But student records did not include their scores. In 11 MBA programmes run with Belgian, American and Chinese universities, students had been granted degrees without writing or defending their graduate theses.

The government inspectorate proposed that the prime minister rescind more than 2,000 bachelor and MBA degrees from the programmes. The agency also asked for a thorough inspection of the school's finance and training programmes. The case of ETC will be investigated by the Bureau of Corruption Criminal Investigation.
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