California shooting unlikely to deter Chinese students

Though shaken by the shooting deaths of two Chinese students near the University of Southern California, China is unlikely to slow its pace of sending students to US universities. The deaths of graduate students Qu Ming and Wu Ying last week, in what police suspect was a bungled carjacking, came amid a big jump in the number of Chinese pursuing higher education in the US, reports Fox News.

Much of that has been made possible by China's economic growth, which has produced a richer generation of students. But they have also grown up carefully protected by their parents and possibly not as well equipped to handle the cultural challenges in a country so distinctly different from China.

Chinese families hold US education in high regard and are trying to give their children an edge in China's fiercely competitive job market. China sent nearly 160,000 students to US universities last year, more than four times the number 15 years ago and more than any other country, according to the US-based Institute of International Education.
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