Academics to major in food and drink

Scotland’s universities are launching a £10 million (US$15.87 million) project to help food and drink companies use academics to help with their research and development work, writes Peter Ranscombe for The Scotsman.

The Scottish Funding Council – which pumps taxpayers’ cash into Scotland’s 24 universities and research institutes – is stumping up £2.64 million over the next five years, with the remaining funding coming from universities themselves, and from industry bodies such as Scotland Food & Drink.

Interface, the public body that already brings companies and universities together to work on projects across different economic sectors, is coordinating the new scheme.

Helen Pratt, its national coordinator, said: “A lot of companies are already working with food scientists to develop their next products. What we want to do is go a stage further and help companies improve their techniques and processes or solve problems like how to manage their food waste.”
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