US universities explore educational collaboration

At least 11 American universities, including Harvard, are visiting Botswana this year to explore possibilities of doing business there, the country’s ambassador to the United States, Tebelelo Seretse, has announced, writes Victor Muyakwabo for The Monitor.

The first delegation arrived in Gaborone last weekend while another delegation was due to arrive on 5 March.

Seretse said the American universities were going to explore possibilities of research and collaborating with local institutions through programme franchising, among other things. She explained that most of the US universities had long-term relationships with the Botswana government, which had been sending students to them over the years.

They are Ohio University, University of Cincinnati, New Mexico University, St Georges University, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Morgan State University, San Francisco State University, Florida Coastal School of Law, Howard University, Wester Illinois University, and Charlotte School of Law, Communications, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
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