US: Universities block triple-X domain names

New .xxx addresses became available to the public last week, but some universities did not wait that long to secure important addresses, as a way to prevent adult content providers from profiting off them, writes Mike Snider for USA Today.

Beginning two months ago, ICM Registry gave trademark holders an opportunity to pay $200 per address for a one-time blocking charge to ensure that it not be used for adult content. At that time, the University of Kansas purchased the rights to several addresses including kansas.xxx and rockchalkjayhawk.xxx and jayhawks.xxx. Then, last week when the public sale began, the college bought several more - including kustore.xxx, kugirls.xxx and jayhawk.xxx - bringing its total to nearly two dozen.

Across the country, other universities including Michigan, Penn State, Purdue, Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon and Indiana did the same thing. The University of Missouri secured the addresses missouri.xxx, missouritigers.xxx and mizzou.xxx. "I think it's a smart thing to do," said Terry Robb of the university's information technology department.
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