CANADA: University to open two offices in India

The University of British Columbia is opening two offices in India as part of its efforts to gain a foothold in one of the world's most rapidly growing higher education markets. The initiative was announced last week in Bangalore by Premier Christy Clark, who was leading a British Colombia government trade mission to India, reports The Vancouver Sun.

India's young, aspirational, rapidly growing population means there is tremendous pressure on higher education institutions in the country. With fierce competition for seats in elite institutions in India, many set their sights on a degree abroad. So far, Britain and the United States have been the main beneficiaries of this trend. Canada receives less than 10% of nearly 125,000 Indian students studying abroad. Only 12,000 came to the country last year, while more than 50,000 flocked to campuses in the US.

During a Canadian visit in the summer of 2010, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh signed an agreement to broaden ties in higher education. To follow up on this, a delegation of 15 university presidents from Canada visited India last November, among them UBC president Stephen Toope. That visit crystallized the need for an on-the-ground presence, said Helen Penant, executive director, international at UBC.
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